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Enlightenment events

The Voltaire Foundation organises a variety of events, the highlight being the annual Besterman Lecture.

In May 2017 the Besterman Lecture will be given by Professor David Wootton (Anniversary Professor of History at York University), entitled ‘Adam Smith: Poverty and famine’.

Digital Humanities in 2017: Professor Willard McCarty (Humanities Computing, King’s College London) will deliver the first in a new series of Vf annual lectures on a digital humanities topic (16 November 2017).

The Enlightenment Workshop is a series of eight seminars, held on Monday evenings in Spring (Hilary Term) at the Voltaire Foundation. The new convenor is Avi Lifschitz (Magdalen College, Oxford). For further information, see TORCH.

For events at the Maison française d’Oxford (including the Early Modern French seminars), and to download the Hilary term card, see their events page.

Besterman Lecture speakers are now podcast (*), and over the past fifteen years topics include: