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The Voltaire Foundation publishes in hardback and online the correspondences of key French thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


Read reviews of individual print volumes in the catalogue.

Graffigny, Bayle, La Beaumelle correspondences leaflet (pdf*)

Graffigny correspondence leaflet (pdf*)

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General enquiries may be sent to the Administrator.

Electronic Enlightenment

Electronic Enlightenment, Bodleian Libraries research project publishing online the correspondence between key 18th-century writers, is currently available for free institutional trial. Please fill in a recommendation form for your librarian.

Print editions

Our completed print collection includes the correspondences of Voltaire, Rousseau, Helvétius, Graffigny and Morellet.

New volumes appear each year in the Voltaire Foundation’s ongoing series of print correspondences:

Correspondance de Pierre Bayle
Ed. Elisabeth Labrousse, Antony McKenna et al.
Next volume: vol.14 (2017)

Correspondance générale de La Beaumelle (1726-1773)
Ed. Hubert Bost, Claude Lauriol and Hubert Angliviel de La Beaumelle
Next volume: vol.12 (2016)

Online editions

Our online collection includes the correspondences of Voltaire, Morellet and Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, which have been integrated into the Electronic Enlightenment project:

Digital correspondence of Voltaire
Ed. Th. Besterman
2011 online supplement: Ed. Nicholas Cronk et al.

Originally published in print (1968-1977) within the Complete works of Voltaire, now available through Electronic Enlightenment, this correspondence was extended in 2011 with the addition of 14 unpublished letters, and over 30 notes making significant revisions. High-quality images of all the Voltaire letters at the New York Public Library are also included.

Digital letters of André Morellet
Ed. Dorothy Medlin, Jean-Claude David and Paul LeClerc
2011 online revision: Ed. Dorothy Medlin

Digital correspondence of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
Ed. Malcolm Cook, Kate Astbury, Rebecca Ford, Simon Davies, Philip Robinson. First critical edition (ongoing).

Digital correspondence between J.-P. Brissot and the Société typographique de Neuchâtel
Ed. Robert Darnton, and referenced in his article which appeared in SVEC, 2001:10, p.7-47.